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Websites for Research, Term and Essay Papers

There are many helpful online tools for students doing research and writing a report, term paper, essay... you name it.

I've had several questions from parents and teachers, asking about which sites are best for student research projects.  I still see a lot of students -- along with many parents and a few teachers too -- locked into Google and Wikipedia.  I did an earlier blog on research sites, but I wanted to add more to it.

So I wrote up my K-12 Top 12 Research Websites on Squidoo. Readers have added several more of their favorites to my list.

The Library of Congress is a premier site for research - particularly on U.S. history and government. It has a broad archive of primary sources, photos and illustrations to flesh out a dry paper.

Another favorite of mine, particularly for kids learning how to research, is Kentucky Virtual Library's How to Do Research. It provides a creative visual flow chart of the research and writing process. I've referred my young researchers back to it often.

Need more research sources? > Learning Tools > Online References describes dozens more. For help with writing mechanics on research papers and essays, the sites described on Research Skills can help with that too.

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