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Online Help for the GED

For those who did not graduate from high school, there are many free online courses and practice tests to help you prepare for the GED.

GED GraduateThe past few weeks have been a flurry of caps, gowns, awards, and the smiling faces of teens who've successfully completed high school.  Definitely a time for celebration and hope.

But not everyone who started this long journey made it to the ceremony.  I've answered several questions from high school students this past week about the GED.  It's been heartbreaking to learn the reasons why teens have dropped out of high school.

One student is leaving 11th grade so he can work to keep his family from being kicked out of their home.  Another student earned more switching to the early morning shift - again to help support her family.  A third student had a long history of not getting along with her teachers, and was frustrated enough to give up.  All of these kids wanted to take their GED. 

Most states have provisions for students as young as 16 or 17 to take the GED, under certain conditions.  But states, such as California, will issue high school equivalency certificates to students who pass the GED  only after those students turn 18. 

After helping these kids find online resources to study for their GED, I decided it was important to add a new section to the LearningReviews directory on GED.  The free websites at > College & Career > GED  can help students study, take practice tests, find testing locations and state requirements.

You can find a more detailed FAQ on How to Get Your GED on Squidoo. The good news is many GED graduates go on to college - 40 percent of them take the GED to further their education

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