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Science Fair Experiment Ideas

Science Experiment Ideas using Thinking Fountain
After many late nights setting up science experiments for 5th graders, I'm always looking for new ideas.  Thinking Fountain, from the Science Museum of of Minnesota, has provided my classes with lots of inspiration for science experiments for elementary students.

This time of year is typically when teachers are showing kids how to experiment.  And it's also the time when packets (in some cases volumes) of guidance go home to students' families, as they prepare for the Annual Science Fair Extravaganza.

Some kids know what they want to do before they get home and excitedly relay the news to mom and dad.  For other kids, this is the hardest part of a science fair project.  So I use the kids' imaginations and lots of brainstorming to come up with science fair topics and experiments before the dreaded guidance packet is sent home.

pH Strip Experiment
What I love about Thinking Fountain is that it's a jumping off point. For instance, it shows kids how to make their own pH test strips from newspaper.  Then it asks kids what they could test them on and what they predict will happen.

Then it links to other activities and resources related to pH that lead to still more experiment ideas.  What about other indicators, such as hydrangea?  What do they tell us about the soil?

Thinking Fountain has more than 50 science activity ideas that kids use to generate hundreds more.

For families looking for more guidance on how turn experiments into science fair projects, Science Buddies Science Fair Project Guide is an excellent place to start.  I've reviewed many other of the Best Science Fair Project Websites to help parents and students of all ages with award-winning or just plain simple science projects.

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