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Free Textbook Downloads for Math and Science

FlexBooks Free Downloadable Textbooks
Finally!  Free electronic textbooks for middle and high school students.  FlexBooks, from the cK-12 Foundation, offers textbooks in science, technology, engineering and mathematics - STEM - that students can download and teachers can customize for individual classes.

I've seen a small variety of free textbooks available online, but none of them match the features and customization available with FlexBooks.  As of this writing, FlexBooks offers more than 80 textbooks and supplemental materials in math and science, as well as a few in technology and engineering.  Many of the books include teachers' editions.

Like printed editions, these textbooks include pictures and diagrams to illustrate concepts.  The material is standards-aligned and updated frequently to adapt to changes in the STEM fields.

What makes these textbooks particularly attractive for students and homeschooling parents is the variety of formats available for using them.  Download and read a book as a .pdf.  Or use an online reader.  Or read a book online in .html format, with interactive videos, audio and animation.  Download a FlexBook to your Kindle from  Or load a Flexbook to your iPad from Apple's iTunes Store.

The cK-12 Foundation also offers lots of assistance in using FlexBooks and for teachers customizing them.  They have tutorial videos, an FAQ, and webinars.  All in all,  Flex Books are a great way to start getting rid of those quickly-outdated, lead-weighted math and science textbooks.

If you're looking for some free interactive exercises to help middle and high school students put STEM concepts into practice, there are many listed on Math, Science, and Engineering.

Do you know of some other free K-12 ebooks textbooks?  If so, please leave a comment.


Ashish Kumar said...

Thanks for the post!!!

Maria said...

Putting math textbooks on your kids kindle is putting it to good use!

talor san said...

I want to free download Maths and Science for grade 2 and 3. please help me

Heidi Reina said...

For younger children, here are 2 free options for math and science, although not strictly textbooks:
science storybooks with accompanying lessons and activities

Oxford Owl Maths has free downloadable ebooks related to math concepts taught to children. There are accompany lessons and activities for teachers, and some online interactives. Free registration required.