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Financial Literacy for Kids

You can make teaching kids about money easier and fun with the help of many free websites with lessons on money management for children and teens.

Some sites have games and lessons for children on saving money, making money, giving it to charity and spending it wisely. Other websites have advice for parents on allowances, and ways you can help your teens and younger children build money management skills. For teachers there are money-oriented lesson plans and even a financial literacy curriculum.

Here are reviews of a few of these websites. You'll find reviews of more websites and other resources on my page, How to Teach Kids About Money. I have an extensive listing of more than 50 sites at Money & Finances. Several websites listed there also have interactives to help younger children learn to count money.

Escape from KnabU.S. Bancorp launched an interactive game to help high school students navigate the intricacies of wages, taxes, saving and debt management, Escape from Knab, the Adventure.

Kids acquire money for a ticket back from planet Knab by making decisions about earnings, savings, investments and expenditures during their stay. In this game, teens apply key concepts and skills, such as W-4 withholding taxes, check writing, unemployment rate, gross income, budgeting, direct deposit, savings, interest, credit card management, and loan payments.

Teaching kids about money can be a daunting and frustrating task. But you'll find lots of assistance online.


Financial management importance said...

Great post. Importance of financial literacy is very essential in today's world. According to me every school and college student needs to be educated about the proper usage of the credit card and maintaining a proper score.

Finance said...

I couldn't agree more. Financial literacy is so crucial. It is as important as teaching kids to look both ways before crossing a street.
I wrote 20 children's books in aseries "Finance for Kidz: precisely for that reason, that is, we need to teach them basics of financial health, in addition to their physical health.
Prakash Dheeriya, PhD
Father, Author & Professor of Finance
Finance for Kidz series
finance4kidz dot com

Anonymous said...

Money Master said...

Teaching kids about money these days is vitally important. There are so many children out there that are blowing their allowances right after they receive it from their parents. Parents should keep a closer eye on what the kids are doing and start encouraging them to save and invest for their future instead of short-term gratification.