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Interactive Math using the National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
The NLVM was one of the first websites I discovered when finding ways to integrate online interactive technology in my math lessons. My 5th graders used the base blocks for decimals as a math center activity. I revisited NLVM recently, and found a new range of tools that are really helpful to classroom teachers.

First some background. The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives provides interactive manipulatives that help kids to understand and practice K-12 math concepts. There are sections for number sense and basic operations, geometry, algebra, measurement, and data analysis & probability. The manipulatives include blocks, geoboards, tangrams, abacus, pentiminoes, triominoes, polyminoes, fractals, and tessellations to name a few.

NLVM Geoboard
The NLVM is hosted by Utah State University and is a National Science Foundation project. Mathematicians, classroom teachers, math educators, instructional designers and evaluators across the country have contributed to the development of these manipulatives and lessons.

The new and improved NVLM is called eNLVM, and extends and enhances the virtual manipulatives by incorporating NLVM into lesson modules and activities that correlate to National Council of Teachers of Mathematics standards. I prefer the Teacher Published Lessons to the eModule courses. They appear to follow a more logical progression and require fewer explanations.

eNLVM Free registration provides teachers with additional tools to monitor student performance on the activities. And teachers can develop and collaborate on their own lesson modules. You can also customize existing resources to your own needs.

NLVM tutorials provide more information about using the manipulatives in the classroom, as well as creating lessons and activities.

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