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State GED Requirements

NEFE GED Requirements by StateAre you looking for your state's GED requirements, preparation classes, test sites or high school equivalency diploma requirements? I answer several questions each week from teenagers and adults who want to get their GED and diploma. In the process of hunting down answers, I gathered up GED information for every state and placed it on State GED Requirements interactive map. Below the map are more links that include those for states that offer GED preparation classes online.

The information typically described on a state's GED website includes:
  • Eligibility requirements for age and residency
  • Preparation courses and locations
  • Practice test requirements, if any
  • Official GED testing locations and costs
  • Info on obtaining GED transcripts
  • Info on obtaining a high school equivalency certificate or diploma, if offered

There are some free preparation courses and practice tests that are not tied to a particular state. I've described these on the GED listing.

And keep in mind...

You cannot take GED tests online and get a high school diploma. You can only take the GED tests at official GED testing facilities. Valid high school diplomas are only issued by your state.

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Allison Jennings, GED® Testing Service said...

Wow - what a great resource! And thanks so much for the caveat about online testing!

You can also direct people to, which is the official home of the GED Tests and should have the answer to any question that comes up.

In fact, we just published a page that includes jurisdictional policies for each state since our call center fielded so many similar calls(

Another great online tool that we're using is our GED - Official Home of the GED Tests group on Facebook (you can access it via our website at or just search for us directly on the Facebook home page). We have over 1,300 members and continue to grow daily. We post stories and answer questions from test takers across the country - and we encourage test takers/adult educators to share information.

Thanks again for supporting people in their efforts to earn a GED credential!