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NoodleQuest and Noodlebib MLA Citation Generator

NoodleTools has designed a phenomenal set of interactive research tools designed for K-12 kids and college students. They include Noodlebib, a citation generator and NoodleQuest, a tool for  finding the resources and references students need.

Some of  the NoodleTools require a paid subscription. But several of them are free. Noodlebib MLA Starter is free to K-5 students, with parental-approved registration.  Noodlebib Express is free in a limited form for middle, high school and college students, and is good for creating a few citations.  As with most citation generators, it  formats MLA, APA, Chicago/Turabian citations.  These tools have been integrated to work with Google Docs.

In addition to these flexible cite generators,  NoodleTools NoodleQuest helps students with the daunting task of finding the types of resources the teacher has requested for a research paper. NoodleQuest asks a series of questions to direct students to the best resources.  Does your child need an authoritative resource? primary source? government statistics? videos or pictures?  NoodleQuest will guide her to them.

Many K-12 schools and districts have subscribed to Noodletools, and school librarians provide instruction to students and teachers in their use.  So check with your school to see if your child's school subscribes, and if its licensing provides access to your child at home.

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