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Interactive Spelling Websites Help

With a new school year well underway, many parents are asking me for spelling word study help. Those weekly spelling lists for elementary school kids have caused many a parent, as well as child, to feel the anxiety of memorizing words.

In the past, I've used interactive spelling websites in my classroom computer learning center to ease the anxiety. The games have amused and excited the kids, and have improved their test scores too! The online spelling game my kids and parents have found most helpful is SpellingCity.

Teachers can create spelling lists on the site that all their kids can use in the classroom or at home. Or a parent can create a list of their child's weekly spelling words on the site. There are ten different games kids can use with the lists to help them memorize the words.

For homeschooling parents or kids just working to improve their spelling skills, there are more 42,000 spelling words already on the site in a variety of lists. For beginning readers, there is a Dolch list of "sight words", the most commonly used words in the English language. Other helpful lists have homophones, homonyms, contractions, possessive nouns, and many more.

SpellingCity is one of many free interactive spelling games online. The web also has a wealth of expert advice on spelling practice strategies for teachers and parents to use with children. Go to the Spelling and Vocabulary section of to choose from more than 35 sites to help your children.

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