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Online Poster Sparks Student Creativity

Glogster EDUHere's a great webware tool teachers and students didn't know they needed until they tried it. Glogster EDU does a Web 2.0 makeover of the stodgy classroom posters we were all assigned to make waaaaay back in the last century. The creativity and content of these online posters has blown me away.

Upload your photos, video, audio and text to create a free interactive poster. Combine your material with the graphics and backgrounds provided by Glogster. Bound only by your imagination, you create a multisensory experience. The simple interface makes it easy for younger kids as well as teenagers. Their online tutorials are also very helpful.

Glogster EDU is the kid-friendly version of Glogster, which was orginally designed for older students and adults. It offers a secure environment where teachers can register up to 200 students and have access to all their work. The glogs students create can be embedded in your classroom website, blog or wiki.

Glogster EDU is one of many free webware and software tools that are useful to K-12 teachers and students. For a listing of more than 40 tools which make learning more enjoyable and easier, head over to the list of Educational Freeware, Software and Webware.

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